Сафарийная яхта SUNSHINE
Сафарийная яхта SUNSHINE
Верхняя палуба сафарийной яхты SUNSHINE
Верхняя палуба сафарийной яхты SUNSHINE
Дайв дек сафарийной яхты SUNSHINE
Каюта сафарийной яхты SUNSHINE
Каюта сафарийной яхты SUNSHINE

Liveaboard MY SUNSHINE

Technical details

Complete renovation March 2013.

    • Hull: wood
    • Length: 30 m Width: 7.5 m
    • Accomodation: 20 guests + 2 guides + 10 crew members.
    • Cabins: 10 x 2 persons with A/C, W/C.
    • Free Wi-Fi on board!
    • Salon: A/C, bar, TV and DVD, stereo.
    • Sun Deck: stereo system, bar.
    • Engines: 2 x 575 HP Mercedes
    • Generators: 2 x 65 kW Komenz
    • Compressor: Bauer Mariner 190 l / min and Bauer 250 l / min.
    • Electricity: 220V, 24V and 12V
    • Navigation: Navman radar, GPS, VHF-radio, HF-radio, VHF-radio on the both zodiacs, echo sounder
    • Fuel: 2x7 tons Water: 17 tons (6 + 6 + 5).
    • Desalination plant: 4.5 tons per day
    • Safety: EPIRB, 2 life rafts, life jackets, signal flares, MFA-kit, oxygen tanks, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors.
    • Additional features: 30 x 12 liter aluminium tanks, 2 zodiacs x Yamaha Enduro 40HP Outboard, Nitrox machine, oxygen analyzers.

    MY SUNSHINE liveaboards schedule

    2019/2020 year

    07.05.23North0700,00€ BookSUNSHINEHRGNorth+Tiran12.05.23HRG
    14.05.23North0- BookSUNSHINEHRGNorth+Tiran19.05.23HRG
    21.05.23South0800,00€ BookSUNSHINEHRGBrothers+Safaga26.05.23HRG
    27.05.23North5800,00€ BookSUNSHINEHRGNorth+Tiran02.06.23HRG7 diving days!
    04.06.23South8850,00€ BookSUNSHINEHRGBrothers+Daedalus+Elphinstone09.06.23HRG
    11.06.23 BookSUNSHINE16.06.23
    18.06.23 BookSUNSHINE23.06.23
    25.06.23 BookSUNSHINE30.06.23
    02.07.23 BookSUNSHINE07.07.23
    09.07.23 BookSUNSHINE14.07.23
    16.07.23North4700,00€ BookSUNSHINEHRGNorth+Tiran21.07.23HRG
    23.07.23North0- BookSUNSHINEHRGNorth+Tiran28.07.23HRG
    30.07.23 BookSUNSHINE04.08.23
    06.08.23North0- BookSUNSHINEHRGNorth+Tiran11.08.23HRG
    13.08.23North0- BookSUNSHINEHRGNorth+Tiran18.08.23HRG
    20.08.23 BookSUNSHINE25.08.23
    27.08.23 BookSUNSHINE01.09.23
    03.09.23 BookSUNSHINE08.09.23
    10.09.23North17700,00€ BookSUNSHINEHRGNorth+Tiran15.09.23HRG
    17.09.23North0- BookSUNSHINEHRGNorth+Tiran22.09.23HRG
    24.09.23South0- BookSUNSHINEHRGBrothers+Daedalus+Elphinstone29.09.23HRG
    01.10.23South0- BookSUNSHINEPGBrothers+Daedalus+Elphinstone06.10.23PG
    08.10.23South0- BookSUNSHINEHRGBrothers+Daedalus+Elphinstone13.10.23HRG
    15.10.23North0700,00€ BookSUNSHINEHRGNorth+Tiran20.10.23HRG
    22.10.23North17700,00€ BookSUNSHINEHRGNorth+Tiran27.10.23HRG
    29.10.23South2850,00€ BookSUNSHINEHRGBrothers+Daedalus+Elphinstone03.11.23HRG
    05.11.23South7850,00€ BookSUNSHINEPGBrothers+Daedalus+Elphinstone10.11.23HRG
    12.11.23North0- BookSUNSHINEHRGNorth+Tiran17.11.23HRG
    19.11.23North18700,00€ BookSUNSHINEHRGNorth+Tiran24.11.23HRG
    26.11.23 BookSUNSHINE01.12.23
    03.12.23 BookSUNSHINE08.12.23
    10.12.23 BookSUNSHINE15.12.23
    17.12.23 BookSUNSHINE22.12.23
    24.12.23 BookSUNSHINE29.12.23


    NORTH ROUTE of Red Sea

    The underwater world of the Ras Mohammed and the island of Tiran.
    Wrecks: Thistlegorm, Giannis D, Carnatic, Dunraven, Rosalie Muller

    Take a look and thinking...

    SOUTH ROUTE of Red Sea

    Brothers and Elphinstone reef.
    Wrecks: Salem Express, Aida, Numidia

    Take a look and thinking...

    DEEP SOUTH of Red Sea

    Rocky, Zabargad and St. Johns
    Reefs: Claudia, Cave Reef, Habili Ali,
    Big Gotha, Small Gotha, Denzherus Reef

    Take a look and thinking...
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