Southern Liveaboard with Evgenia Timonova!

As you all know, we at Sadko love setting traditions, and here is a new one! Summer diving liveaboard with Evgenia Timonova, a famous russian journalist, blogger, lecturer, popularizer of science, and, actually, a wonderful person!

If you have not heard about Evgenia (which is very unlikely), then briefly: Evgenia is a scientific journalist, TV presenter, naturalist, known for her author’s project “Everything Like Animals” (more than 250 thousand subscribers on YouTube).

So what is in our program?

August 16-21, MV Sunlight, 6 days of diving!

Where will we dive?

Daedalus, Elphinstone, Safaga. A chic mix of excellent corals, pelagic predators and coastal lagoons, where we will have a chance to see the famous dugong!

Southern liveaboard with Evgenia Timonova
Hammerhead shark, Daedalus Reef

Why coming?

  • Lectures, stories, experiments, including using scientific equipment.
  • A lot of new about the flora and fauna of the beloved Red Sea.
  • And, of course, diving in the best possible period, because August, the sun, the Hammerheads, whale sharks, longimanuses 🙂


How to sign up?

Main rate is € 1000. Flights, crew tips (from € 60) and environmental tax (€ 60) are not included. You can book the Southern Liveaboard with Evgenia Timonova messaging us at

See you there!



Always yours,
Sadko Team 💙

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